Sunday, June 22, 2008


I have gotten better each time I have done Bereket's hair. Last night I got fancy and did braids and beads together. She loves it. Here's a pic of my 2 hr work!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008


VBS(Vacation Bible School) was this past week and the kids had a blast. Kylie fell in love with the kids who just finished kindergarten. She was a teachers helper. Parker always has fun at VBS. Madison had a great time. She was able to catch up with some friends from school last year. Dawit and Bereket could not wait to go back each day. They all sang songs for us at the end of the week and mom and dad couldn't be prouder. Here is a pic of the kids in their VBS shirts.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


We are a blessed family. The Lord has been so gracious to us. Everyone is continuing to transition smoothly and we are bonding tremendously as a family. It feels as though Bereket and Dawit have always been a part of our lives. Madison even said, she couldn't imagine what life was like before they got here. A little about the kiddos...
Bereket is a ham. She and Parker make a great pair. She has the greatest laugh in the world and a crazy personality like the rest of us. The girls are getting along great. I'm so proud how Kylie and Madison have understood and exampled their roles as the older sisters. I've cornrowed her hair and even beaded it. She seems so excited that mom can do her hair. Neither she nor Dawit remember their mother, so I think this is special for her. I'll post a pic of her beads. I only did a few because we ran out of time for VBS.
Dawit is the sweetest thing in the world. He truly desires to please us but most often his curiousity gets the best of him. He has the most beautiful smile and genuinely seems happy. He looks up to Parker so much and just adores him. Parker is understanding that little brothers are sometimes "annoying", that's a quote from Parker. Parker said he is understanding his sisters more and more each day by having a little brother.:) Dawit is already trying, with the small amount of English he can speak, to tell us about his life in Ethiopia. Selfishly, I'm not sure my heart is ready to hear about his hard life. I am so thankful for these precious children and pray to raise them by Christ's example.

Here are a few pics...more later.

Monday, June 16, 2008


For those of you who have been stalking the blog, I'm sorry to have kept you in such turmoil and delay!! My computer is finally fixed. Things are great! Everyone has adjusted with ease so far and each day gets better. It has been such a joy to see how our older children have been dying to self daily for the needs of their new siblings. I am a blessed mom. I will fill everyone in on the details of the trip at a later date, but just wanted to quickly write and say God is GOOD and FAITHFUL and we are blessed!!Here's a few pics to tide you over!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

We arrived in Addis only 10 hours ago and I am already falling in love with Ethiopia and its people. We have witnessed two ceremonial weddings and it is amazing to be face to face with our cultural differences. I love the assembly at the wedding singing and clapping to the beat of  the drum. I am humbled that a people who seem to have to so little seem to have so much joy.  This has challenged my faith today. I wonder if when they look back at me if they see joy. By joy I mean a happiness from deep within. I pray that Christ would resound from my heart and my mouth. We also witnessed a little more at the pool than we bargained for!! 
I met Roxanna today, a friend from the web board. I knew I liked her and now I know I love her. Her entire family is beautiful and sweet. Roxanna has the sweetest spirit. I did not meet her two youngest children as they were asleep, but the four I met were magnificent. They are polite, funny and my favorite, modest. Oh, how I love the passion for modesty Roxanna and her daughters share with me and Kylie. I am one thankful mom for the respect Kylie has for herself and her body. Kylie has truly been a joy and I am so glad we brought her with us. She is already in love with the children here and I am excited to see what the Lord will do with that love.
I cannot tell you how hard it was to be in the same city with our children and not have met them yet. We are meeting them tomorrow. I have slept  a total of 5 hours the past 3 days and I cannot even think about sleeping tonight knowing they will be in my arms tomorrow. I am speechless at the thought. I have so many more thoughts to write, but alas I am at the internet cafe( just for you Joy P.). Please pray for us and our children as we begin the rest of our lives together as a family tomorrow. For tomorrow, we meet face to face.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I am utterly beside myself that the time has finally come to go and meet our children. I have dreamed the initial meeting at least a hundred different times. I will be so grateful if it is even a portion of what I have dreamed. I hope our children immediately see our love for Christ and for them. We want to radiate Jesus Christ to anyone we come in contact with. Oh, I cannot wait. As I have said many times before, this has been such a long and hard process, but so totally worth it. We are talking about two children's lives forever being influenced by the Gospel. We are talking about our 5 lives here being stretched and challenged by the Lord to be faithful and sacrifice ourselves. I am thankful God has called us to be their parents and pray we are faithful to the call in raising them in the Word. My biggest prayer request would be that the love I feel so in my heart is real and when I wrap my arms around my children, God would be pleased. Thank you, Lord for these gifts and miracles you have allowed us to nurture. I pray you would be pleased with us as their parents and You would find us faithful. You are worthy of our praise and Your grace is sufficient.

See ya on the 31st!! Bereket and Dawit, here we come.

Monday, May 19, 2008


PACKING!!! We have begun packing for our trip to Ethiopia. We are packing light for ourselves since we have to take two sizes for our children, because we are not really sure which size will be a better fit. We are also packing light for all the donations we will be taking to AHOPE. I am so excited about visiting there and loving on the children. All of the children at AHOPE are HIV+. They have no one to tuck them in at night and tell them of their great love for them. I want to be that person in the upcoming week. We have blankets, crib sheets, stuffed animals, blow pops, sunglasses and Airheads to give the kids. I know it will be an emotional trip, but I am already asking the Lord to change us forever. Please be in prayer for our hearts to be forever changed.